Wednesday, October 31, 2018

M Disk Gauntlet: Party 2!


For October 2018, the theme was #HorrorGameOct. Because it's the most wonderful time of the year. And to celebrate all things horror, I challenged the ultimate horror game all about partying....PARTY 2! Made in RPG Maker by SuperNova Studios, this game aims to give you the ultimate party experience. .....while simultaneously mess with your head in very intense ways. Seriously. I was not prepared for half of what this game threw at me. Parts of it were even recorded while lighting was flashing outside, making the experience all the more creepy. Download the game for free here: Some parts of the game legitimately could not be recorded. For a good/non-commentary video that depicts events that I could not record, check out this LP of the game: Also, there were some stuff that I missed when I played the game. Check out all of the "secret" endings in this video: Kinda bummed that I missed some of these, while simultaneously proud that I found a few on my own....accidentally I might add.

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