Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #02: Mortal Kombat

On this day, 25 years ago, Mortal Kombat was launched in arcades around the world. This did everything from give gamers a new fighting game to play with, to horrifying politicians around the world, to giving children a kind of bloodlust that could only be obtained by playing this game.....or was that just me?


For the second installment of the weekly shuffle, I wanted to honor the Mortal Kombat franchise by highlighting select pieces from the GAMES. NOT MOVIES. GAMES.

Track 1: Palace Gates 
From Mortal Kombat 

Track 2: Goro's Lair
From Mortal Kombat

Track 3: The Portal
From Mortal Kombat II

Track 4: Balcony
From Mortal Kombat 3/Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3/Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Track 5: Quan Chi 
From Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #01: SNES Classic

It's the beginning of a new era at the M Disk Playlist!

Today, I announce the start of the first of three new additions to the M Disk Playlist, the Weekly Shuffle.

With the recent release of the SNES Classic, gamers can experience many of the best games from the Super Nintendo/Famicom catalog in one piece of hardware....assuming you managed to find one in stores. Good luck to those of you still trying by the way. But anyway, as a celebration of the SNES Classic's release, I wanted to make the first weekly shuffle theme all about the games featured in the SNES Classic.

Track 1: Title Demonstration
From Star Fox

Track 2: Invasion
From Contra III

Track 3: Rainbow Road
From Super Mario Kart

Track 4: Boomer Kuwanger
From Mega Man X
Suggested by @ModestKupo

Track 5: Special Circuit
From Super Punch-Out!!

Track 6: Headquarters of the Otafu Army
From The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Thursday, September 21, 2017

26: Modern Chiptune

Can chiptune music sound just as great as it did in the 80s and 90s? The answer is a resounding HELL YES. From indie games, to big budget titles, composers would often take what would appear to be the simplest approach to music, and making it sound as complex as orchestrated or synthesized music of today.

One note: In the episode, I mistakenly call "The Alchemists Haven" as "The Alchemists Heaven." I didn't catch this error until I uploaded the episode. Sorry for the confusion!

Also available on Stitcher


Bonus Information:

Koji Kondo easter egg in Super Mario Maker

Tiny Barbarian DX soundtrack on Soundcloud

Hello Planet from sasakure.UK/Hatsune Miku


Sunday, September 17, 2017


So I've just finished recording the final podcast episode of the M Disk Playlist. I am going to edit it, and get that episode uploaded before the 23rd, when I will be getting my new computer. So I figure I'd use this opportunity to properly convey what my plans are for the M Disk going forward.

The Primer

A large bulk of what I have planned for the M Disk involves the primer I've been working on, which will serve as my own comprehensive guide to video game music, and how you can either best experience it, or introduce yourself to it.

My primer will take ten soundtracks from games released from 1990 (the year I started gaming) to the present. I will do my best to balance what is already recognized as being great, and what is lesser known to audiences. And the games chosen for each year will not be based on when they were released in North America. They will be chosen for the year they were first released somewhere in the world. So you will be getting games like Super Mario World in 1990, since the game was originally released in Japan in 1990.

The primer will be presented in three different formats.

*Video format on YouTube.
*Written format on this blog.
*Audio format like I've been presenting the podcast.

The only differences between the three will be minimal. Do you prefer to see video footage of the games? Would you rather listen to my primer on the go? Or would you rather read about it, so that you don't have to download or stream anything?

This primer will be as accessible to every audience I can possibly think of.

Themed Shuffle

This is just an extension of the Super Shuffle episodes of my podcast. It will work like before; I pick a theme, at least ten pieces from that theme, and highlight them.

This section will be presented in two different formats.

*Video format on YouTube.
*Audio format like I've been presenting the podcast.

Again, minimal differences. I want to do this just so that I don't rely so heavily on older games, and limit myself to just certain years. I want to be able to present my primer, while at the same time, branching out into highlighting pieces closer to the present time. Well, as close as the theme will allow.

Okay, I decided to make the themed shuffle idea exclusive to the blog. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to try and tackle three different video projects, and two different audio projects. More details to come, but for the sake of my time and devotion to the M Disk, the themed shuffle has to be a blog exclusive.

Let's Play Project

Oh boy....a Let's Play. That hasn't been done to death. Well, this is my plan for a Let's Play.

I record myself playing a game (leaning towards older ones that are easier to record footage for, even on a new computer), and then I insert not only my reflections about the game, but my reflections about the games soundtrack, AND some information about the pieces of the soundtrack. These will be text insertions, not vocal commentary insertions.

Think of this potential Let's Play as both a walkthrough guide for the game, AND an informative about the games soundtrack. And in between both, a reflection on what the game personally meant to me.

So that's my plan for M Disk. What I plan to do is work on these projects for at least a month before I start uploading them. That way, I'm not just uploading one thing, and then having weeks go by without a single update. I want to make sure that with the new M Disk Playlist, there is at least a steady stream of content least for the first month or two.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 10, 2017



I notice it's been a long time since I actually posted a new episode of the M Disk Playlist...I seem to be having that problem lately. No matter how many times I'll say "it's coming..." it ends up not coming sooner than I want.

So I got to thinking, maybe podcasting isn't the direction I need to go with the M Disk Playlist. So, the modern chiptune episode will undoubtedly be the last podcast episode I do. I have the outline written out, and I am ready to record. I just haven't had the time and/or energy to do so yet. And if that's going to be a continuing problem, then I can't continue the podcast format.


I am not putting an end to the M Disk Playlist as a whole. I still believe in the potential behind it. Later this month, I will be getting a brand new computer. The one I'm currently using is a Windows 7 PC that I got back in 2010 for as cheap as possible because my previous computer got wrecked, and I had an online homework assignment due very soon at that time. I couldn't wait. I had to get what I could on the shortest possible notice. I'm amazed it's lasted this long....but it's not the kind of computer I can use to help me do projects like these.

In my last post, I mentioned making an M Disk video project of sorts. With a new computer, I'll be able to get the absolute best video editing software I can afford, and be able to take M Disk in that direction. The videos will focus on what I've been striving to achieve with M Disk all this time:

-The history, technology, and context of video game music.

I might make an alternative to the podcast format for those of you who don't care for videos, and would rather entertain themselves with audio-only shows. But for now, this is the direction I will be taking with the M Disk.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me up to this point. Thank you to the guests that have appeared on my shows. The M Disk wouldn't be what it is without you guys.

But if the M Disk is to live, and not die out for no reason, I have to evolve it.

And evolve it I shall.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


I've been sitting on these announcements for awhile now, and I figure it's about time I post them.


I'm currently saving up to get a new computer. And with a new computer comes new video editing software. I intend to use that new software to make an extension of the M Disk Playlist. A video series where I not only highlight pieces from a specific composer/theme/series (more than likely composers), but I want to use the art of video to show how each of these pieces are used in the context of the video games they are used in. I want to do this because it's one thing to describe how amazing pieces are. But to actually show the piece used in context will allow viewers to better understand the significance, importance, or even the awesome appeal behind said pieces.


Video game soundtracks are great. But if you asked me which one was my favorite, I would struggle for days to answer that question. There are too many good ones out there. So I'm planning a primer to narrow down which video game soundtracks I would personally recommend to anyone, from a subjective standpoint, rather than an objective one.

Those are the two big projects I have planned right now, as it relates to M Disk.

The modern chiptune episode is still in the works. Look forward to that within the next couple of weeks.

Till next time!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

25: Classic Konami Games

Konami may have given us Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill. But what about Contra? Goemon? Gradius? Suikoden? Those sound familiar?

Konami gave us many memorable games, many memorable soundtracks, memorable uses of the Ninja Turtles franchise, and memorable uses of the orchestra hit sound.

This episode aims to focus on the musical accomplishments of Konami's lesser appreciated (in today's world) games, and for us to forget about what Konami has become over the years.

Also available on Stitcher


1. Escape from Bucky O'Hare

2. Stage 1 Jungle/Stage 7 Hangar from Contra

3. Captain Jack Grandale Mix from Dance Dance Revolution series

4. Impregnable Fortress Stage 7 from Gradius V

5. Theme of Mystical Ninja from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

6. Old LA 2020 from Policenauts

7. One Night in Neo Kobe City from Snatcher

8. Boss Battle 2 from Sparkster

9. The Chase from Suikoden II

10. The Great Petal from Sunset Riders

11. Technodrome The Final Shellshock from TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

12. Kirai 1 from TMNT: Tournament Fighters

Bonus Information:

Policenauts English patch

VGMO interview with Tomoya Tomita

VGMO interview with Masanori Adachi & Hirofumi Taniguchi