Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #09: Chill Out 2.0

Chill out....relax.....the holidays can be stressful for a number of reasons. If the holidays stress you out, even a little, then this week is just for you. Here are five pieces of relaxing music to help get you through the toughest of days.

Track #1: Dead
From Koudelka

Track #2: Pure Love in Kamurocho
From Yakuza 4

Track #3: Vague Hope (Cold Rain)
From NieR Automata

Track #4: Town 3
From RPG Maker

Track 5: Nine Wood Hills
From World of Final Fantasy


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #08: Turkey Games

Turkey games! Games that are widely considered terrible. But hey, the music is pretty catchy, memorable, exciting....basically one of the few, if not, only redeeming qualities to turkey games. I have selected five (at least) decent soundtracks from terrible games, and I shall highlight them this week on the weekly shuffle!

Track #1: Exor
From War Gods

Track #2: Title Screen
From Bubsy the Bobcat

Track #3: Stage 1
From Silver Surfer

Track #4: London Indoors  Pt 1
From Puss n Boots: Pero's Great Adventure

Track #5: Theme of Love
From Time and Eternity


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #07: Staff Credits Music

In addition to lots of food, we use Thanksgiving to give thanks to those who mean the most to us. For this week, I pick the pieces that help give thanks to the creators of the games we love.

Track 1: Staff Roll
From Star Fox 64

Track 2: Still Alive
From Portal

Track 3: Your Wind is Blowing
From Mega Man Legends

Track 4: North American Staff Roll
From Mega Man 8

Track 5: Dare to Dream
From Double Dragon Neon

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the Weekly Shuffle will be taking a break this week, and will return next week!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #06: Kirby Music

Thanksgiving is approaching. Who better to represent the joys of eating tons of tons of food than Kirby. That is why this week, I will be highlighting some of the best music from the Kirby series.

Track 1: Coo's Theme
From Kirby's Dream Land 2

Track 2: Dark Castle
From Kirby's Dream Land 2

Track 3: The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy
From Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Track 4: Ripple Red
From Kirby Triple Deluxe

Track 5: The World to Win
From Kirby Triple Deluxe


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #05: Recreational Yakuza Music

The Yakuza games are very dark and gritty....only if you're playing the main storyline. Any other time, it's very silly, doesn't take itself seriously, and full of fun music you can either sing or dance to. This week, we celebrate those songs that help you escape from the gangsters, drunkards, and mafia families out to kill you.

Track 1: Get to the Top -Majima version-
From Yakuza: Dead Souls
(For some reason, Blogger won't let me directly post the video)

Track 2: Get to the Top -Hinata version-
From Yakuza 5
(...or this one)

Track 3: Like a Butterfly
From Yakuza 6

Track 4: Koi no Disco Queen
From Yakuza 0

Track 5: Machine Gun Kiss
From Yakuza 4
Suggested by @bunnycartoon

Track 6: 24 Hour Cinderella
From Yakuza 0


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekly Shuffle #04: Organ Music

The spooks aren't over yet! Halloween is a two-week event over at M Disk! And if used properly, the organ can be the spookiest of all the music instruments. This week, we will focus on VGM music that primarily make use of the organ instrument.

Track 1: Shrine of the Master
From Soul Blazers

Track 2: Sewer Snake
From Nightmare Creatures

Track 3: Palace of Decadence
From Demon's Crest

Track 4: Last Battle Physique
From Megaman Legends

Track 5: Boss 4
From RPG Maker XP


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Brief update

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the weekly shuffles!

But what about the other two projects? The primer project, and the Let's Play one?

The Primer

I have the first edition of my primer scripted, and ready to record. While I wait for the chance to record, I have been collecting footage I will be using for the video.

Let's Play VGM 101

This will be the name of my LP. It will be a walkthrough of the game, it will be an analysis of the soundtrack, and it will be a let's play all rolled into one. I am almost finished editing the first part of the first game I am currently playing for VGM 101.


I am still aiming for both the primer, and VGM 101 to premier next month. If that doesn't happen, then that just means that there is more work to be done. I will make another update post once I have more information to share about the premier of either.

Later this week, I do plan on making posts providing more specific info about both the primer, and VGM 101. 

Till next time!