Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I'm Nitro, and this is the M Disk Playlist. I grew up with video games, and I've always wanted a way to publicly express my passion for the hobby. When thinking about how I could express my passion, the music in video games came to mind. From simple bleeps and bloops to fully orchestrated melodies; music has been instrumental (no pun intended) in expressing the stories being told in video games, and enhancing the fun they provide. The M Disk Playlist is named after an item you can find in Squaresoft's Xenogears that lets you listen to the games soundtrack at a specific point in the game.

The M Disk Playlist is about expression of my love for video games, and video game music. It originally began as a podcast about video game music. And while I had fun with it, and I appreciate those who came on to talk about music with me, the podcast format was ultimately something I decided wasn't how I wanted to express my passion. So I split the M Disk into two projects:

The VGM Primer.

The Gauntlet.

The VGM Primer is a mini-series where I take ten iconic, forgotten, timeless, and innovative scores from each year, starting with 1990, and highlight their importance in video game culture, and how they enhance the gaming experience. I highlight these scores in a way that is easily approachable to anyone with an interest in video game music.

The Gauntlet is a let's play series inspired by Chic Pixel's Community-Game-Along. Each month, a specific theme is chosen (genre, series, creator, etc...) and I chose the game that best fits the theme. I record no more than four 2 hour videos in an attempt to "clear" the game.

So that's the M Disk in a nutshell. From games to game scores, I love them, and this is how I express my passion.

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