Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I'm Nitro, and this is the M Disk Playlist Podcast. I grew up with video games, and I've always wanted a way to publicly express my passion for the hobby. When thinking about how I could express my passion, the music in video games came to mind. From simple bleeps and bloops to fully orchestrated melodies; music has been instrumental (no pun intended) in expressing the stories being told in video games, and enhancing the fun they provide. The M Disk Playlist is named after an item you can find in Squaresoft's Xenogears that lets you listen to the games soundtrack at a specific point in the game.

The M Disk Playlist Podcast is about all things related to video game music, past and present. There are three different types of episodes. The guest-centric episodes, the Super Shuffle episodes, and the Mega Shuffle episodes.

Guest-centric episodes will feature discussions with...wait for it....GUESTS. The guests will come on to discuss specific composers, or music from a specific series. We discuss the history, our fondest memories of the subject in discussion, some "did you know" trivia, basically whatever is on our minds as it relates to the subject. We end each episode with the "shuffle" segment, where we each pick five of our favorite music tracks directly related to the subject of the episode.

The Super Shuffle episodes are just me highlighting, and analyzing ten music tracks from a specific subject. The subjects can range from battle themes, sad themes, vocal tracks, music from a specific genre, etc... these episodes are much shorter, and occur every three months or so.

Finally, the Mega Shuffle episodes. These episodes are a more expanded version of the Super Shuffle format. Sometimes there will be a single game, or a series with such memorable music, a Super Shuffle episode alone wouldn't do it justice. And it is these kinds of episodes where I wouldn't want to promote what *I* like. I use the Mega Shuffle format to invite readers and listeners to contribute their favorite tracks from whichever topic a Mega Shuffle episode covers.

This podcast is for people like myself who have respect for how the music in video games enhances the overall experience for the player. Thank you all for listening and visiting this site :)

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